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It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! I love this season of the year and there is always so much joy planning and preparing home cooked Christmas meals for my beloved family and friends. Our Christmas dinner usually comprise of a carbo dish such as pasta or bread, the main Christmas meat or roasts, some sides such as the versatile potato, a charcuterie board which is so easy to put together and a nice wholesome sweet dessert. I tend to plan the menu according to what is available in the grocery stores and supermarkets during this time of the year. Here are some tips in preparing the perfect Christmas dinner:

  • I usually prepare a charcuterie board which doesn’t require any cooking, a salad that can be made two to three hours in advance, and a cake that can be made a day before. This leaves me time to cook a roast, bake some potatoes and prepare a pasta dish. Planning this way will ensure I do not tire myself out when my guests arrive.
  • Plan in advance and buy the ingredients at least 1-2 days in advance.
  • Make the dessert a day in advance. If you are making a cake, it’ll taste better the next day as the flavours develop.
  • Prepare the meat or roasts and let it rest at least 45 minutes before serving. Doing so the meat will become juicier and more tender.
  • If you are preparing a charcuterie board, you can plate the cheese and cold cuts and other ingredients on a cheeseboard, cover it with cling wrap if you need to chill it in the fridge, but take it out of the fridge one hour before serving.
  • Ensure there is adequate supply of bubbles, red and white wines as well as water and juices for kids and people who doesn’t take alcohol.

Christmas Dinner Meat and Roasts

Simple Turkey Recipe | Perfectly Juicy Turkey For the Perfect Christmas Dinner

turkey recipe

 A must-have centrepiece on our Christmas table has got to be the turkey. I used to buy pre-cooked turkey and roast it in the oven, but it always turned out dry and tasteless. Until I started roasting our own turkey recipe, I find it actually really easy and fuss-free. Here’s the recipe.

Air Fried Lamb Rack Recipe

air fried lamb rack recipe

This is the perfect dish for entertaining friends and family. I love lamb that is juicy, tender and medium. Even without adding any herbs, simple seasoning with salt and black pepper would also make it perfect as lamb tastes really good on its own. Just make sure you get a good quality meat. Check out the recipe.

Air Fryer Roast Pork Belly

roast pork belly

Here’s an air fryer roast pork belly recipe that is foolproof, fuss free, easy to make without complicated process, uses simple ingredients and does not require poking of holes (phew! The pork skin is really thick and difficult to poke holes, don’t you agree?). Check out the recipe.

Christmas Sides and Starters

Crispy Potato Roses

potato roses

We have all seen cured ham roses, bacon roses, apple pie roses. How about some crispy potato roses to add a pretty touch to your main Christmas dish? These potato roses are not just pretty, it’s really delicious and make a truly instagrammable pictures to add fun to your social media feed. These crispy potato roses will go really well with lamb chops, steaks, roast turkey, or just as a standalone side. Save the recipe!

Spinach with toasted almond and feta cheese salad

Spinach with toasted almond and feta cheese salad

Here’s a salad made of fresh vegetables, nuts and cheese that can be enjoyed any time of the year. Super yummy, nutritious and so easy to make! Here’s the recipe.

Christmas Charcuterie Wreath


I like to make some dishes that require zero cooking and easy to put together and yet will look great on the dining table. Well, with a table of beloved family and friends all gathered together, I definitely want to impress and not disappoint anyone. The charcuterie wreath (or charcuterie board) definitely fits that criteria! See the 7 steps in creating the festive charcuterie wreath.

Christmas Dinner Desserts and Sweets

Yule Log | Bûche De Noël | Christmas Log Cake

Yule Log | Bûche De Noël | Christmas Log Cake

This log-shaped chocolate cake might look complex to make but it can actually be put together quite easily. The core of the cake is similar to a swiss roll, the main difference is that the Yule log is decorated to resemble the logs burnt during winter days and on Christmas eve while a typical swiss roll is decorated with cream and fruits. Save the recipe.

Coconut Bundt Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache

coconut bundt cake

Here’s a super easy low-effort Bundt cake recipe that will definitely wow your guests at your dinner party or during Christmas. The cake is made by just hand-mixing the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients before baking it, then drizzled with dark chocolate ganache and topped with dried fruits and white chocolate pearls to give it a Christmas festive look. See the recipe.

Spiced Apple Cake with Salted Caramel After Christmas Dinner

spiced apple cake with salted caramel

Spiced apple cake drizzled with salted caramel might sound complex to make, this is actually one of the easiest recipe that can be made without any special technique nor equipment.  This moist and delicious apple spice cake is full of all the perfect festive flavors I love. Drizzled with creamy salted caramel, the saltiness is a great contrast to the sweetness from the caramel and the tartness of the green apples in the cake. Here’s the recipe.

Tiramisu, non-alcoholic family recipe


Nothing like the well-loved Tiramisu for a sweet Christmas feasting ending. Here’s a trial and tested family (Italian side) recipe of the Tiramisu, my all-time favourite dessert, using very basic and simple ingredients and best made a day in advance. This is a non-alcoholic version but feel free to add alcohol to the coffee. Check out the recipe!

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