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Hello! Welcome to Beautiful Voyager, my name is Pauline, born in Malaysia and now living in Singapore with an awesome career in Digital Marketing. I love doing yoga, rollerblading, ballroom dance, painting, cycling, golfing, cooking for family and friends, traveling and most of all, spend time with my lovely family.

I started this blog as a chronicle of my travel stories and culinary experiences. As I spent more time at home during the pandemic in 2020, I found myself cooking a lot more and recording my recipes so that I can remind myself how I made the dish the way I wanted, and had a whole of fun along the way. You will find my tried-and-tested recipes with detailed steps and video instructions on how I made the dish, check out my recipes here.

I love all cuisines, specially Peranakan (Nonya), Thai, Indonesian, French, Italian, Greek, in no order of preference. You will find mainly recipes on Singapore local delicacies and street food, Chinese and Asian recipes, as well as cuisines around the world. I try to maintain a healthy moderate diet and I cook with the health of my mummy and family in mind. My recipes typically use reduced or replaced sweeteners and seasonings, non-dairy substitutes, as well as fresh ingredients and whole foods as much as possible.

You will also find my travel guides on this blog, and I am still trying to catch up on telling my travel stories here.

I had my first virgin solo trip to Seoul and experience of couchsurfing in a stranger’s place (everyone thought I was crazy), which makes me relish the freedom of being able to do anything I wanted and go places at my own pace. Since then I have taken many solo trips to Asia, Europe and US. You know when you really wanted to make use of all the annual leaves you have and none of your friends can make the same time as you, I ended up just booking the air ticket and the hotel, and just pack my bag and go. I had one of my best holiday in Barcelona for 9 days, after I was stood up by a friend on the very last minute, I ended up making lots of nice friends to hang out with at the beach, go salsa dancing, cook paella at a local’s house, go sightseeing taking the cheapest route known only to locals. My worst holiday was in Bangkok when I accidentally found myself in a sex and drug party and I found myself sneaking out the 5-star hotel with an innocent excuse with my luggage in tow and booking myself into a suite over the next few days trying to get over the terrorising experience.

Stay tuned with me on my Beautiful Voyager social channels, I post pretty often so you’ll get timely updates from me. I’ll be happy to share more about my travel experience and recipes or the restaurants I visited, and answer any of your questions regarding my experiences.