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Beautiful Voyager

Hello! I’m the author of Beautiful Voyager, my name is Pauline, born in Malaysia and now living in Singapore with an awesome career in Digital Marketing. I love doing yoga, rollerblading, ballroom dance, painting, cycling, golfing, cooking for family and friends, traveling and most of all, spend time with my lovely family. My day-to-day life is pretty busy but I always try to have a little me-time doing things I love. 

Other than the family trips to Malaysia when I was little, my first trip out of Singapore was to Bangkok when I was 19 with 2 girlfriends. That’s pretty much a typical and safe Asian choice of destination where we will eat and shop and eat and shop and come back home with loads of impulse shopping for things that you don’t need as well as lots of fake branded goods. Back then I just started working in my first job and absolutely loved being on vacation. I had a great time and wished I could travel more when I had more money.

My vacations were always with friends and since we were always on a budget, traveling together helped save costs in accommodation and food. I had my first virgin solo trip to Seoul and experience of couchsurfing in a stranger’s place (everyone thought I was crazy), which makes me relish the freedom of being able to do anything I wanted and go places at my own pace. Since then I have taken many solo trips to Asia, Europe and US. You know when you really wanted to make use of all the annual leaves you have and none of your friends can make the same time as you, I ended up just booking the air ticket and the hotel, and just pack my bag and go.

I realised I discover and understand more about myself when I travel alone and really look forward to doing more of that. ~ Beautiful Voyager

Sometimes I can be risk taker, sometimes I travel like a queen. I had my share of hostels, dorms, and instant noodles. I had one of my best holiday in Barcelona for 9 days, after I was stood up by a friend on the very last minute, I ended up making lots of nice friends to hang out with at the beach, go salsa dancing, cook paella at a local’s house, go sightseeing taking the cheapest route known only to locals. My worst holiday was in Bangkok when I accidentally found myself in a sex and drug party and I found myself sneaking out the 5-star hotel with an innocent excuse with my luggage in tow and booking myself into a suite over the next few days trying to get over the terrorising experience.

Now I prefer to travel in comfort with a little adventure and be able to experience different cultures, food, sights and meet with locals. Of course, being a Singaporean, shopping is always part of my traveling activities. I also love visiting local restaurants and try to be adventurous in exploring local cuisines.

This Beautiful Voyager blog is meant to remind myself of the things I saw, stories I heard, the people I met, the food I cooked and ate. And of course, being able to be of help or inspiration to anyone who reads it motivates me to contribute more.

Stay tuned with me on my Beautiful Voyager social channels, I post pretty often so you’ll get timely updates from me. I’ll be happy to share more about my travel experience and recipes or the restaurants I visited, and answer any of your questions regarding my travels. Do join my discussion group on Facebook Work Anywhere Travel Everywhere where we discuss hacks and ideas on working while traveling.