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The Gardens By The Bay in Singapore is our national pride as well as a world-renowned nature park in the prime location of Singapore. I’ve been to this iconic landscape many times, a couple of times I skated and cycled there, other times I had lunches and dinners there and also visited the various places of interests within the gardens. Yet despite many visits, I still find it really enjoyable and always be able to discover new spots and surprises while visiting the Gardens By The Bay.

Gardens by the bay
Interesting Architecture at Gardens by the Bay

About the Gardens By The Bay in Singapore

Gardens By The Bay spans about 101 hectares (250 acres) and consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden (in Marina South), Bay East Garden (in Marina East) and Bay Central Garden (in Downtown Core and Kallang). There are many nice restaurants, an open air food centre, exercise paths all round the nature park. It is easily accessible by public transports such as MRTs and taxis, and has a huge carpark if anyone drives. You will not want to miss the various places of interest that includes the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, Supertree Grove, Children’s Garden, Horticultural themed gardens and the Bayfront Plaza and Floral Fantasy.

Gardens by the bay
Gardens by the Bay “Trees”

What is so special about Gardens by the Bay?

The concept of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is a bold, unconventional and futuristic one. Within the gardens, there are many interesting landscape, gardens, ponds and places of interests to visit. It also incorporates the principles of environmental sustainability, taking into consideration sustainable cycles in energy and water throughout Bay South Garden. The Gardens lake system incorporates key ecological processes. By incorporating a natural filtration system for water from the Gardens catchment and providing aquatic habitats for biodiversity such as fishes and dragonflies, it really functions as a living system by itself.

Gardens by the Bay pond

The very cool Supertrees are embedded with environmentally sustainable functions, such as photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy for lighting up these Supertrees., while others are integrated with the Conservatories and serve as air exhaust receptacles.

Perfect spot for a perfect date

Here’s the main thing, it’s such a large compound, and under the scorching sun in Singapore, where should one take their date to, without running around like a headless chicken? One of my favourite route is to arrive at the main entrance area just in time for lunch in one of the restaurants there. Some of the restaurants provide a free buggy ride (fancy arrival!) to the restaurant. Have lunch first, then go for a round in the Flower Dome, followed by the Cloud Forest. If the vibes are good, then consider to spend more time together, go visit the Supertree and chill on the grass to watch the night lights and enjoy the outdoor music, which means you got to be really well-prepared to bring the ‘props’ to show your thoughtfulness.

Otters sign
Otters sign overlooking Singapore Flyer

Some ideas for a date out in the Gardens By The Bay in Singapore:

  • The Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse in the world. There are many sections you can find that features plants from different parts of the world, such as olive trees, grape vines, lemon trees, succulent plants and more. It can be quite chilling inside (thou not as chilling as the Cloud Forest) and if you dine at Pollen restaurant, there’s a direct entry after your meal. Idea: perfect to go for a nice lunch and then spend time admiring sweet beautiful flowers. PS: Pollen requires advanced booking and can be quite pricey.
  • The Cloud Forest is a really cool place to spend 1-2 hours in, if you really take your own sweet time, maybe 3 hours. There are many very instagrammable spots for photo taking and can be rather cold, so be sure to bring along a light jacket. This Cloud Forest replicates the conditions found in tropical mountain regions with cool and moist temperature. Idea: Show your thoughtfulness by whipping out a jacket to warm her up.
  • Supertree Grove cannot be missed. These are the tree-like structures that dominate the Gardens’ landscape and there are 18 of them. The night view of the Supertrees can be very romantic and unique. Idea: Couples can even bring a picnic map and chill by the grass to admire the night scene with some nice wines and light bites when the Supertree Grove lights up with nice music every night between 7.45pm and 8.45pm. Now that’s another idea for a romantic date! The panoramic aerial view of the Gardens can be really enjoyable if you are to take the OCBC Skyway, an elevated walkway between two Supertrees.
  • Children’s Garden is located near the treehouse and adventure trail, and you can find activities such as trampolines, balancing beams, hanging bridges. However since you are there on a date, you probably wouldn’t want to visit the Children’s Garden.
  • Horticultural themed gardens come in two main parts — The “Heritage Gardens” and the “World of Plants”. Each has sub themes such as the Indian Garden, the Chinese Garden, the Malay Garden and the Colonial Garden, the Discovery Garden, Web of Life, Fruits and Flowers, Understorey, World of Palms, and Secret Life of Trees. Idea: just strolling around the gardens can be really relaxing especially if you both are into nature. And better to go during the cooler evenings as the mid day sun can be really burning hot, you don’t want to be melting under the humid weather.
  • Bayfront Plaza is located right at Bayfront MRT station, opposite Marina Bay Sands. Within it are cafes, events space and the Floral Fantasy which consists of four garden landscapes of floral artistry and a 4D ride experience. Idea: if you take the MRT, this will be the perfect meeting spot before venturing into the gardens.

How much does Gardens By The Bay cost?

Tickets to Gardens By The Bay is actually free, you can roam around and admire the open landscape but entry to the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, OCBC Skywalk, Supertree Observatory, Floral Fantasy, Children’s Garden require entrance tickets. See more information on tickets for Gardens By The Bay here.

Do also check out Jewel @ Changi, very beautiful water feature but indoor!

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