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Coney island park, also known as Pulau Serangoon, Singapore’s ecologically sustainable park, situated just within Punggol town, makes a really relaxing and eye-opening ‘countryside’ tour from cosmopolitan Singapore. It’s just 15-minute bicycle ride from my home in Punggol so I’m quite a regular to this tiny island.

I like to start with a cold ice beer at Whisk & Paddle, situated along Punggol Waterway Park, it’s one of my favourite cafe facing the Sungei Serangoon, a long stretched river where I used to fish for river fishes with some local uncles! For cycling enthusiasts, there are those public bikes that you can unlock with a mobile app to ride into the island. From here it’s just a short 5 minute ride before you reach the beautiful instagrammable Lorong Harus red bridge. Then a short 8 to 10 minute walk on a really rustic muddy road before reaching the east entrance of the island.

rustic way towards coney
See the rustic pathway towards Coney Island.
coney island

Within the island, there is a sandy walkway that cuts across the island from the east to the west entrance and visitors can just stroll or cycle around. Along the walkway, there are also many smaller walkways that lets you wonder into the different segments of the island, most leading to the various small sandy and rocky beaches. Some of these walkways used to be in its original forested grounds and you really need a good mountain bike to cycle through. Now cemented walkways are constructed instead.

private beach

Along the northern part of the island, you can even see Pulau Ubin right across Coney Island. There’s also a beautiful mangrove where one can stroll along the wooden walkway, definitely an instagrammable spot!

Coney Island Park is also home to a wide variety of fauna and flora, and it’s believe some are critically endangered and presumed extinct in the wild nationally. The island also houses a wide variety of habitats, including coastal forests, grasslands, mangroves, and casuarina woodlands. Not to mention large monitor lizards, a troop of monkeys (I was once chased by these monkeys who were after the soft drinks on my bike), cute little squirrels, beautiful sounding birds, as well as a late resident cow. Yes a famous cow (BBC even reported it!), its name Moo. A sign was even put up to ask island visitors not to disturb the cow. Epic!

One of the favourite part of the island is the beach area just next to the west entrance, here you will find constructed steps that lead to the water. During weekends, this part of the island might get busy with families cycling around, people reading books, singing along with their guitars or just having a picnic.

singapore sea

After visiting the Coney Island, it’s time for some food and drinks and you will be pleased to know that there are cafes, restaurants and bars located within 15-20 minutes of walk from both entrances.

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