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An update from a 2013 post on fishing in North Carolina River Trent with the locals in the United States of America. There was a time when I stayed in New Bern, North Carolina in the United States for a month and got to know some nice North Carolinas. One of them was this ex-Navy veteran named Jerry who lived just next door. Part of his daily routine was to go out to the river to fish on a typical fishing day, he was kind enough to bring me one beautiful morning. I was excited, not sure what kind of fishes we gonna get from the river: trout? grouper? snapper fish? marlin fish?

All I had to do was to go to Walmart and buy a fishing licence and he got all the fishing equipment we need for a day of fishing. The one thing we all have to adhere was that one person is only entitled to 8 fishes, so after getting 8 nice fishes that we can bring home for dinner, the rest of the fishes we got to put them back into the river.

We set off really early in the morning. Not knowing what to bring or to dress, I merely made sure I’m adequately dressed as the temperature has dropped to 12 degree celsius that morning.

River Trent North Carolina
At the start of the river, there are some apartments that have waterfront view.

Jerry had his boat behind his truck. We parked the truck readily and the guys pushed the boat out to the water. Was a really beautiful day with clear blue skies and not too many people out there. It seemed we had the whole river to ourselves.

We tested out the water with some fake rubber bait. It didn’t quite worked, but I had fun learning how to throw the bait out into the water with a fishing rod.

me on River trent
Me trying to fish

Along the 8 hour river ride, we can see both sides of the riverbank were lined with beautiful houses. I was told that these houses are mainly owned by retirees as a holiday home.

river trent riverbank
Beautiful houses
river trent riverbank
Beautiful river banks

We finally had the first catch of the day, after an hour of driving the boat down the river. It was exciting catching the huge fish. Jerry said our first dinner is up.

After catching 24 fishes (8 fishes each for 3 of us on the boat), any other fishes that get caught have to be released back to the river. Every once in a while, we were stopped by the ‘river police’ who came to check if we were indeed keeping our fish quota.

fishing on river trent
Some fishes we caught

I’d say I had a fun fishing day, especially when there’s so much to see along the river, but 8 hours was a bit too much for me LOL. I’d definitely go again, but will request for Jerry to just spend 4 hours out there instead. Fishing in North Carolina River Trent with locals was definitely quite an experience and eternally grateful for such an opportunity.

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