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Taipei Charm: Rustic Countryside Jiufen and Shifen

This day we decided to visit Shifen 十分 and Jiufen 九分, famed for its nature and rustic country side. The way to get there can be really confusing. It is possible to visit both places within one day though I’d prefer to stay a night in Jiufen so I could spend a full day in each place.

Taichung jazz festival in the autumn

Coincidentally the annual Taichung Jazz Festival is in its second day in Taichung. We were told that Taichung’s weather make a good locale for outdoor events since it doesn’t rain as much as Taipei. Imagine listening to beautiful jazz music in cool autumn weather.

Mount Kota Kinabalu Virgin Climb

This is one of those trips which I got lucky to have unselfish travel buddies, half of which I didn’t even know before the trip. An unexpected invitation from an acquaintance and a post on Facebook, we have a team of six people in the mountain climbing trip.

Pampering myself at Nexus Spa & Resort Karambunai

If you have read my post on my virgin climb up the Mount Kota Kinabalu, this is the reward I gave myself–a three-nights’ stay in the award-winning Nexus Spa & Resort Karambunai for MYR400 (SGD160) per night. I felt like I was the happiest person on earth when the service staff check us in using a buggy right to our room.

Harbin and The Siberian Tiger

An awesome trip planned at the very last min, 30 minutes before the flight ticket booking closed. Unexpectedly cold and eye opener at the Ice World. Highly recommended.

Harbin China: 13th Harbin Ice and Snow World

The Harbin trip is what I’d call a quickie trip. An impromptu suggestion by Scott Polisky (my long time meetup.com friend whom I met in person only the night before the trip), quick enroute to buy thick winter clothings, time-pressed purchase of domestic air tickets the evening before the trip, some packing, a sleepless night and wala!