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Ngoh Hiang, a Chinese pork roll dish, also known as Loh Bak or Asian Pork Sausage or Pork Spring Roll is a typical dish in Asia. Even in The Philippines, there is a similar version called ngohiong or ngo-yong, which is a deep-fried, battered rice-paper roll that is made of jicama, bamboo shoots, pork, shrimps, garlic, and onions. In Singapore, its Chinese name is 五香, which means five spices. It probably got its name from the Chinese five spice powder which gives the dish its unique flavour. You can find this dish in local hawker centres, fresh market food stalls, restaurants, it’s almost something as common as rice in the local food scene in Singapore.

air fryer ngoh hiang
Air fryer ngoh hiang

In most homes, ngoh hiang is made during the festivities and especially during Chinese New Year. I have tried many different versions made by my aunties and friends’ mums, they all taste very delicious, yet slightly different. The ingredients might differ households to households and among different dialect groups, the one that I love is the version made with water chestnuts as it brings some crunchiness to the minced meat, as well as ultra crispy exterior which is made of tofu skin. It’s eaten as an appetizer, or a snack, and it’s usually prepared in advanced, chilled in the fridge, before pan frying to serve.

Ingredients for ngoh hiang
Ingredients for ngoh hiang

How To Make Ngoh Hiang

This dish is basically made with minced pork meat seasoned with five-spice powder. Different recipes call for adding either shrimp or fish paste, onions, water chestnuts, carrots, or other vegetables, before wrapping it in dried bean curd sheets into a spring roll shape. The cooking method is usually to steam, before pan frying or deep frying it. As the process of making it can quite long, it makes sense to make a batch, steam it then save it in the fridge, and then fry it before serving.

This ngoh hiang recipe I’ve tried using just my Ninja Max XL Air Fryer, it tastes just as good as the steam and fry version. I’ve also kept the extra ones I made in the fridge and air fry it again the next day, it’s super yummy still.

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air fryer Ngoh hiang
Ngoh hiang

Watch how to make Air Fryer Ngoh Hiang on YouTube

air fryer ngoh hiang

Air Fryer Ngoh Hiang

Ngoh Hiang, a Chinese pork roll dish, aka Loh Bak or Pork Spring Roll is a typical dish in Asia. This dish is basically made with minced pork meat seasoned with five-spice powder. This air fryer recipe makes the cooking process much quicker and easier.
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Prep Time 1 hour
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Course Appetizer, Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine Chinese
Servings 4 persons
Calories 230 kcal



  • Wash water chestnuts thoroughly to get rid of dirt and soil (if any). Peel off skin and chop into fine pieces.
    6 water chestnuts
    water chestnut
  • Optional step: Pick up the minced pork like a ball and 'throw' the minced pork back into the bowl a couple of times. It gives the 'QQ' or chewy texture to the meat.
    250 g minced pork
    Minced pork
  • Mix pork, fish paste, minced water chestnuts with sesame oil, pepper, soy sauce and five-spice powder together.
    1 tbsp sesame oil, 2 tsp five-spice powder, 1 tsp white pepper, 180 g fish paste, 4 tsp soy sauce
    Mix pork, fish paste, water chestnut
  • Then add 2 tbsp corn flour and mix well together.
    2 tbsp corn starch (or corn flour in Asia)
  • Lay the dry bean skin on a clean surface, use a damp paper towel to wipe off excess salt from the dry bean skin. Cut the dry bean skin into 15x18xm sheets. You can also cut it to the size you like.
    1 large piece dry bean skin
    Cut bean skin
  • Mix 1 tbsp corn flour with 2 tbsp water. This serves as the 'glue' to seal the pork rolls.
    1 tbsp corn starch (or corn flour in Asia), 2 tbsp Water
  • Place about 1 tbsp full of meat filling onto each dry bean skin. Fold in the sides and the bottom and start rolling into a spring roll shape. 'Seal' the sides with the corn flour mixture.
    Ngoh hiang air fryer
  • Preheat air fryer at 180 degree celsius for 3 minutes.
  • Place the ngoh hiang into the preheated air fryer leaving some space around each other. Brush some cooking oil onto the ngoh hiang.
  • Air fry at 180 degree celsius for 12 minutes or until golden brown. Flip the ngoh hiang halfway during air frying to make sure it's evenly cooked.
    air fryer Ngoh hiang
  • Chill in fridge in an airtight container. Airfry to heat up again at 150 degree celsius for 3-4 minutes and it's ready to serve.
    air fryer ngoh hiang



You can cut the dry bean sheets into small sheets and make smaller ngoh hiang.
I used the Pagoda brand corn flour I bought in Singapore. It’s a fine white coloured flour. In other parts of the world, it might be called corn starch. Apparently corn flour is a yellow coloured powder made from dried finely ground corn, and corn starch is a fine white coloured powder derived from the starchy part of a corn kernel. Corn starch is mainly used as a thickener or added to meat marinade to help tenderise the meat.
You can add vegetables such as onions, carrots to substitute with water chestnuts. 
Instead of air fry, you can steam for about 10-15 minutes, brush some oil on the steaming tray before steaming. Store in freezer or chiller. To serve, simply pan fry with some oil or air fry for about 12 minutes over 180 degree celsius. 


Calories: 230kcal
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